Cube Slam

North Kingdom

Oh my, the technical challenges on this one went through the roof. The idea for the project was to show off the new browser based peer-to-peer networking protocol called WebRTC. The problem was that we started the project before the feature was released, so we had to first build the project on a different tech stack.

Pong is a very simple game, how hard can it be?, we naively thought. It turned out it was very hard to get right. Latency, responsiveness and the ability to extrapolate and replay and send incoming user actions in different perceived time-scales was tricky. It worked out nice in the end and we learned tones in the process.

Cube Slam could be played face-to-face in real time, right in the browser without installing any plug-ins. 10,000 max concurrent users at once. 2 million unique visitors in the first month. FWA Site of the Day Adobe The Cutting Edge Project of the week Runner up for Cutting Edge Project of the Year Awwwards Site of the Day.